We are currently transitioning our website to www.VirtueCycles.com.

Virtue Bike is a San Diego based cycling company founded in 2009.
We believe life would be better when we incorporate cycling in our everyday routine; may it be an exercise, hobby, recreation, or lifestyle.

Virtue One (our very first bike).
Back then many people like the clean lines of fixed gear bikes.
We've been getting special orders to build 700c wheels with coaster brake. We figured many people like the clean lines of fixies, but not the "have-to-keep-pedaling" factor, so we decide to design a road bike with coaster brake: clean lines of fixie, but we'd still be able to roll :)

Virtue Seven
Soon enough after we introduced Virtue One, many asked for multispeed, so we came up with this more versatile model.

Virtue Curve1 & Curve7
Ladies versions of our 2 first bikes :)

Virtue Valor & Revive
Many cyclists took fixed gear bikes from velodrome to the street; they skid them on downhills & do bmx-tricks on it. Velodrome is about racing, fast, and lightweight bikes. Skids and street tricks are about durability, strength to take beatings. They're 2 opposites. Virtue presents Virtue Valor for "speed" & Revive for "street".

Virtue Encore & Regents
"No maintenance" version of our multispeed lines. Equipped with internal 5 speed gears & hub-integrated brakes.

Virtue Ortho
A friend of the company is riding only pennyfarthing for years. We thought he just wanted to be fancy. We were wrong. He had back problems & said that pennyfarthing allows him to ride "ergonomically" correct. Virtue introduces Virtue Ortho. (Even the elbows are in resting position)

Virtue Tank
Our urbanized beach cruiser. It's for the locals who actually lives by the beach. Many feels that the shiny colorful beach cruisers are good for the vacationers but not a perfect fit for the locals.

Virtue Truck
We were traveling to Los Angeles & saw quite a few cyclists load lots of stuffs not only in their rear rack, but also in the front. They're having a hard time steering with high CG on 700c wheels & the front heavy load affecting each turns. Virtue uses 20" front wheel to lower CG & main-frame welded front rack to isolate steering from front loads.

Virtue Gondoliere & Schoolbus(+)
Many parents put their kids on a small seat straped on a bike, or put them in a trailer pulled by the bike.
While riding, they are not at ease maintaining stability or keep looking to the back making sure their kids/pets/belonging are safe.
Not only V.Gondoliere & V.Schoolbus put them at ease in the front, it also allows them to have good quality time chatting without having to keep looking back. Electric assist comes in handy when it gets heavy.

Virtue Campus
As stated in its name, we design a basic simple bicycle for casual everyday riding.

Virtue Pedalist (Now available at PedalistCycles.com)
This model goes viral around the world (to sites as far as Japan, Germany, Belgium, UK, Australia, Italy, Russia, Spain, and many more) that we build a separate dedicated microsite: PedalistCycles.com.

Virtue Classic-7M & 7F
By popular demand, we modify Virtue Seven & Curve-7 by replacing the quill stem with a riser stem and the porteur bar with a comfort Virtue bar.

...it's cooking; check us out during Las Vegas Interbike :)

1455 Frazee Road, suite 500

San Diego, California 92108

+1 (858) 566-2453 / +1 (858) 733-2587


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